Music Hub Vienna

Ddiploma thesis: A hybrid building housing a music school and pedestrian bridge as a complementary structure to the traffic node and broken urban fabric of the Schottentor, Vienna.
The scheme reacts to the site specifically by utilizing an interweaving structure/building set with the landscape and surrounding built environment at the site. By blurring the boundaries the outcome is a park landscape that also acts as urban furniture radiantly forming usable spaces that are then transformed from pavilions to a usable roof-scape as architecture.
The architectural scheme is derived from utilizing a series of wave interference patterns that create the basis for morphology of the terrain and thereby promotve specific directional flows.

An urban, social and cultural condenser as an infrastructure that interconnects pedestrian movements. Programmatically the project covers a range from organized music spaces to impromptu performance venues.The architecture is designed to enhance and promote impulsive and spontaneous musical happenings.

Diploma Thesis project: Design by Stefanie Theuretzbacher
University of Applied Arts Vienna: Studio Hani Rashid