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Studio Elementals Architecture is a small young and female-lead architecture and planning firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. The Studio takes local and international commissions with the goal of having a positive impact on fast growing, emerging urban and rural environments with its innovative, design driven, and detail-oriented projects.

The firm has been established by its director and lead designer Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher in 2015 and draws from a very diverse team with nationalities including Nigerian, Austrian, and Indian.

Our projects are inspired by locality in terms of culture, climate, history, and building materials.

We believe in the value of aesthetics for projects of all scales and believe that architecture responds to and defines contemporary culture.

We build with an eye towards longevity and historical relevance. At the same time the team is well versed in green building practices and certification programs such as EDGE, which brings them to the forefront of sustainability efforts in Nigeria and it’s building industry.

Studio Elementals works have been represented at conferences and have been widely published in magazines and newspapers.

Architectural clients include Landmark Africa, Farmforte, Freshforte, Gravitas, UNIDO, Chellarams Plc, Goethe Institute.

Studio Elementals Architecture has become known in its field through innovative design approaches and in-depth knowledge of green building measures. Recent consultancy works have been in Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Sudan.



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