Stage Design for a Street Performance Theatre

“THE SHOP or the ability to choose” – A Street Performance Theater by TIB (Theater im Bahnhof Graz, Austria) has been created for the Lagos Live Festival 2016 of the Goethe Institute in Lagos.

We are witnessing a strange opening of a new street vendor shop in Lagos. The special thing about it is that it aims at being an equal business between Lagosians and Austrians and that it sells German books. Is there a market for this in Lagos? Will this be a tragic or a comic endeavor? And is a German passport also a book? During the performance the question about universal rights and subtle differences will be asked. What can work with good intention and what is condemned to fail? Who will leave afterwards and who will stay? Who can actually choose which freedom and who decides about it? The Theater im Bahnhof is a contemporary popular theater from Graz, Austria and works together with students from Nigeria on this performance.

Designed by:
Stefanie Theuretzbacher
Project duration:
July 2016
Brook Street, Colonial Secretariat, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Stage direction:
Ed Hauswirth
Adisa Design Studio
Rupert Lehofer, Pia Hierzegger, Tosin Joseph, Abayomi Ajifowowe