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Hotel Design

Asaba Signature Suites is a 75 room, high-end business and leisure hotel in the capital of Delta State, Nigeria. It is designed around ideas of comfort and sustainability for visitors to the business destination Asaba and local residents.

The hotel is designed to be a landmark both inside and outside. The exterior character of Asaba Signature Suites is defined by a porous façade that increases shading and privacy for balconies, while creating an iconic play of light and shade towards the street. Rooms are arranged around a courtyard that stretches through the building, visible from the lobby and lined circulation leading to the rooms and suites of the hotel. This vertical green space includes bridges and lounge areas and supports the buildings climate strategy by improving natural ventilation and creating indoor green spaces sheltered from the busy city.

Concept Design
Project duration:

Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria
Designed by:
Jürgen Strohmayer, Stefanie Theuretzbacher