Modular retail space

The Joko-shop is a modular retail space design for the start-up “Joko” in Lagos, Nigeria, which is a lifestyle brand focused on meeting the needs of consumers in Nigeria in terms of furniture and other item for the home. The purely wooden structure has the ability to change location, it is “flat-packed” and modular and can be assembled or disassembled. Retail space is expensive in Lagos, the shop also explores a minimal retail footprint. Small enough to be easily placed in open markets, side streets, and other small areas that are typically too small to house a full furniture showroom. The basic structure is modular, to adapt to different locations and having a larger structure where it will be appropriate and cost effective. Affordability is an important aspect of the project, including  low operational cost. The space will have natural ventilation and  will be powered through solar panels on the roof. All wood and other materials will be sourced with a particular preference for items readily accessible in the Nigerian market.

Project duration:
Concept Design
Project duration:

Designed by:
Stefanie Theuretzbacher