Design for a Mixed-Use Industrial/Office/Hospitality Building

The logistics Headquarter is the logistic center of the clients food production and trade network in Lagos, Nigeria. It is situated on an over 10,000 m2 piece of flat, sandy land directly facing the Lagos lagoon in the South. The structure houses a warehouses, offices, a hotel, two penthouses, a restaurant, cafeteria, staff and service spaces such as kitchen, and a break room, as well as a parking garage.

With a building footprint of around 8,000m2 the project is carefully planned to house the different space programs without disadvantages to users.

Green building measures:

The project is planned as a green building and will be EDGE certified when completed.

Climate Design:

The building skin has been designed as a ventilated parametric fiber cement façade taking solar radiation and material optimization into account- both the off-cut panels and main panels’ dimensions are optimized to match each other modularly.

The vertical façade strips break up the horizontal layout of the building and create a smooth transition to the landscape in the pavement pattern and the arrangement of the planting beds. Horizontal wooden panels are provide optimized shading for the interior as well as match with the adjacent building. Green wall vines create mutual transition in between landscape and facade and enrich visual experience along the landscape.

Landscaping Concept:

As a distribution center, all product lines come together at the logistics headquarter. This defines the park layout
on a conceptual level. The logic of the building‘s facade continues in the pavement strips through the park and even crosses the road.

The surrounding road surfaces along the main car access is planned as a shared space. Shared spaces are pedestrian-friendly low traffic areas suitable for inclusive urban roads and plazas. Instead of curb-stones, design elements such as street furniture and trees guide the traffic.


Architecture and Landscaping by Studio Elementals

Design Team:
Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher, Chrili Car, Kofoworola Tubi, Chien-Hua Huang, Ifeoluwa Osunkoya
Project duration:
Lagos, Nigeria

Femmade Consultants, Topklan Engineering, Vicanto Project Services
Adisa Building and Construction

Status: Construction ongoing, piling ongoing