Experiential Exhibition Design

Studio Elementals has developed the exhibition design for an experiential pavilion of the Art Summit Nigeria 2018 in Lagos. The designs’ spatial ideas centre around creating an atmospheric, non-tangible, and inspirational space, which can support and display mostly digital art works in an unexpected way.

Due to its temporary character, the main exhibition elements were created with scaffolding and fabric materials, allowing for partly translucent situation in the dark space. Colourful lighting supports the aesthetic effect of the art works and also establishes various spatial zones within the rather open floor plan.

The Art Summit Nigeria is an annual educational platform to stimulate crossings between art and technology, bringing together a wide range of social actors to assess and plan for the future of Africa’s creative industry; featuring a conference, panel talks, experiential exhibitions and workshops.

As part of the summit the Experiential Pavilion has been created for audiences to engage with alternative forms to produce and exhibit art with new technologies– as soundscapes, video projections, 4D animation, and site-specific installations.


Exhibition Design, Interior Design
Project duration:
Lagos, Nigeria
Designed by:
Stefanie Theuretzbacher
Allyn Gaestel