9H Design Talk by Open House Lagos

Studio Elementals Director Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher was a speaker at the 9H Design Talk as part of the Open House Lagos Festival 2023, hosted by the G.A.S foundation. The dynamic lecture series- 7 Speakers 7 Minutes -focuses on exploring new directions in Nigerian design with seven acclaimed figures from architecture, product design, art, and art history.

Speakers were Lani Adeoye (Studio Lani, product designer), Akintunde Disu (Artist and Environmentalist), Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher (Architect/Green Building Expert, Studio Elementals), Patrick Akpojotor (Artist), Charlotte Langhorst (Art Historian/Curator), Adeyemo Shokunbi (Architect, Patrickwaheed Design Consultancy) and Chuka Ihonor (Architect/Product Designer, Ci Studio/ARG Studio).

The presentation:

Stefanie’s 7-minute presentation focused around Studio Elementals’ work in a rural area outside Benin City in Edo State that the Studio has tried to positively impact through planning at different scales and with a multi-disciplinary planning team. A 1000ha farm (Large Scale – Masterplan), a 3.6ha food production campus (Medium Scale – Site Plan/ Landscaping), and a Farm office (Small Scale – Building Design / Architecture).

Most architectural works in the industry focus on urban spaces, because that is where most buildings are. In Nigeria it seems as if rural, espacially agricultural and productive spaces are forgotten, not designed and purely utilitarian. Uninformed planning or the absence of planning can have a major impact on large-scale landscapes, rapid deforestation, environmental pollution.  

With the production campus the Studio was interested in introducing a wholistic and sustainable approach to the project on all levels: minimal sealed surfaces, protection of existing trees, a climatically intelligent landscape design with focus on autochthonous plants mentioned on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Studio Elements seeks to continue this approach dealing with required natural resources for the production, especially water, rainwater management and the handling of waste.

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Photos by: Open House Lagos

Studio Elementals Presentation Slide

Panel Discussion:

Studio Elementals Director Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher was a speaker at the Design Week Lagos 2023 panel “Designing a world for everyone”.

Moderated by Adeyemo Shokunbi, it lead an engaging discussion with esteemed speakers, Papa Omotayo and Chuka Ihonor alongside Stefanie, focusing on the importance of having meaningful conversations around rethinking architecture for sustainability, diving deep into sustainable architecture and exploring how it can shape a better world for all.

The panel touched on topics like materiality in Nigerian design, inclusivity and accessibility, challenges in Nigerias architectural education, and the power of prototyping to achieve suitable design solutions for the African market.

Photos by : Aduke Gomez

The Young Visionaries Exhibition, a project of Gracefield Island, was planned with the aim to give young people a platform to exhibit their talents or business. It was conceived as opportunity to share ones knowledge, experience, and expertise with young individuals and to empower them in a community that facilitates collaboration, entrepreneurship, continuous learning, and growth.

Studio Elementals’ Director Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher was one of the panelists for the panel discussion “Integrating Young Innovators in Building Sustainable Cities” among other speakers such as Ferdinand Agu (Director, Gravitas Investments Ltd), Karn Gulati (Director of Strategy, 9mobile), Mary Ojulari (MD, Weststar Associates Ltd Mercedes-Benz NIG).

In her presentation, Stefanie delved into the elements that contribute to a city’s sustainability. She explored the concept of green buildings, examined sustainability within the specific context of Nigeria, and explained the pivotal role architects play in fostering sustainability. Additionally, Stefanie discussed strategies for integrating young professionals into the endeavor of constructing sustainable cities.

The GVIP Exhibition was a physical event planned on Gracefield Island, Lagos, to promote networking and growth among young professionals through art, culture, technology, and social engagement.

Photos by: Gracefield Island


Turning of the Sod Event for the Circular Glass Innovation Hub at UNILAG


A team from Studio Elementals was at the official Turning of the Sod for the Circular Glass Innovation Hub project, the first of several United Nations International Year of Glass Legacy Projects, including a Glass Research Center and Glass Laboratory.

The Turning of the SOD event for the Circular Glass Innovation Hub took place at the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, University of Lagos, and was aimed at enhancing the support for national research and innovation among Nigerian Universities through Circular Glass Innovation Hubs.

Studio Elementals director Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher gave a keynote speech highlighting the importance of the objectives of the University, affirming the hub would be the first of its kind both in Lagos and in Nigeria.

During the keynote speech, the concept of innovation was explored, emphasizing its transformation from idea to practical reality, its role in introducing change, and its embodiment in buildings. Studio Elementals presented their past projects and activities, delving into how innovation can be integrated into architectural design.

The design concept for the Glass Innovation Hub at the University of Lagos was discussed, focusing on its multi-functional rooms for innovative thinking, meeting rooms, rooftop terrace for urban farming and events, incorporation of solar panels, utility/technical space, and storage. The building will be conceived to embody green building principles, be energy independent/off-grid, serve as a living lab, provide innovative learning spaces, and explore the use of glass as a building material within the climatic context of Lagos, thereby differentiating it from other buildings.

The program commenced with an address by the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Prof. Modupe Omirin, followed by welcoming remarks from Arc. Adeolu Okulaja, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Arcline Beehive Design Foundation. During the event, Arcline Beehive Design Foundation announced their decision to appoint Studio Elementals as the architectural firm responsible for designing the Glass Innovation Center, the Glass Innovation and Research Center, and the Glass Innovation Laboratory at the University of Lagos.

The opening speech was delivered by Prof. Toyin Ogundipe, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos, followed by the keynote address by Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher. The event also included goodwill messages from the Green Building Council of Nigeria, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the Lagos State Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, and The Nigerian Institute of Architects.

One of the highlights of the event was the Turning of the Sod ceremony at the site of the Glass Innovation Centre, where the first block of the building were laid symbolically.


Photos By: Deji Adejuyigbe, @deji_visuals


Collaboration with the Maker Community:

The Emerging Designers roundtable focuses on the importance of having meaningful conversations with designers to drive innovation and growth in the design industry. The event in collaboration with Design Week Lagos sat fourteen creatives interested in joing the conversation about smooth collaborations.

The round table was about how designers can collaborate with the Maker community, with Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher as designer from Studio Elementals and James Adisa as maker from Adisa Design Studio, moderated by Banke Ajagunna.

It was discussed what the barriers to adoption of mutual collaboration in the ecosystem are and how these might be overcome. It was also talked about how a design partnership can be deliberate to increase a successful outcome.

Tips were shared on how to navigate shared contracts where each party’s strengths are not necessarily dissimilar?

Collaboration tip from Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher:
“As creatives, collaboration has to be mutual – it is give and take. It is not a situation where once decides, and another executes”. 

This event was organised by Décor in Nigeria in collaboration with Design Week Lagos.

Photos By: @‌silmotion

Studio Elementals has been nominated to apply for the Lisbon Triennale Millennium bcp Début Award


About the Début Award:

Is intended to commend the talented architects on their achievements, which should inspire other young and aspiring practitioners, but also to support and invest in their future.

The parameters range from excellence in built work to progressive ideas, exhibitions or written work which we believe marks the beginning of a future career. The first recipient of the award, in 2013, was Jimenez Lai – Bureau Spectacular from Los Angeles. In 2016, the award went to the Chilean studio UMWELT and in 2019 it was the Spanish duo Bonell+Dòriga who got it.


The international jury includes: Cristina Veríssimo, Diogo Burnay, N’Goné Fall, Yael Reisner, Zhang Ke



THE BIG 5 Construct Nigeria 2022

Studio Elementals exhibited at THE BIG 5 Construct Nigeria 2022 – the largest gathering for construction professionals in the country, together with Adisa Design Studio and Adisa Building & Construction.

The exhibition brought together 25 countries and more than 150 exhibitors in Lagos, Nigeria featuring cutting-edge products, innovations, and solutions.

The event featured dynamic displays of advanced equipment, sustainable materials, and groundbreaking technologies.

Big 5 Construct Nigeria showcased the transformative power of collaboration, paving the way for an empowered construction industry in the region.

The Adisa booth featured new furniture prototypes of the Adisa brand.

Studio Elementals works were also discussed by our director Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher during the architecture and design talks session: TROPICAL CONTEMPORARY – REDEFINING SPATIAL EXPERIENCES.



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Photos: Deji Adejuyigbe, @deji_visuals


Design Talk at BIG 5 Expo

Our director and lead-architect Stefanie Adisa Theuretzbacher was speaking at THE BIG 5 Construct, one of the biggest construction trade shows in Nigeria.

Her talk was programmed as a session with the following title: TROPICAL CONTEMPORARY – REDEFINING SPATIAL EXPERIENCES.

During the session, Stefanie discussed various topics, including the potential and challenges of building with containers and steel in Nigeria, contextual site-specific planning and landscaping, as well as the importance of green building measures in Nigeria, highlighting the overall importance for green building in Nigeria – benefits and necessity.

Stefanie showcased the Studio Elementals Freshforte project and others to give examples of how to make use of indoor/ outdoor spaces, shading, overhanging roofs, natural ventilation, and how to use greenery as privacy screens. She also talked about how landscaping features can be brought into the interior of a building and how to fabricate a complex steel structure without any CNC or other computerized cutting techniques with local steel workers that are not trained in such complex structures. 

The importance of landscaping applied to different planning scales was also discussed with the help of project examples. 

The talk was a CDP certified design and architecture talk.

Photos By: Deji Adejuyigbe

Testing Adisa furniture at the Studio Elementals Office


The Studio Elementals space served as the backdrop for testing a series of Adisa Design Studio prototype furniture pieces.

Prototyping furniture is a crucial step in the design process, offering furniture designers the opportunity to refine their concepts and ensure optimal functionality, aesthetics, and user experience. At Studio Elementals we emphasise the significance of prototyping in furniture design and believe in the potential for architects to contribute to the testing phase, particularly in evaluating proportions and comfort for end users. By engaging architects in prototype testing, furniture designers can leverage their expertise in spatial design and human-centric principles to refine furniture designs, ensuring they harmonize seamlessly within architectural environments while prioritizing user comfort and ergonomics.

Through collaborative efforts between designers and architects, prototyping becomes not only a validation tool but also a catalyst for innovation, resulting in furniture that embodies both aesthetic elegance and user-centric functionality.


Click here to see the Adisa Design Studio Furniture featured at the Big 5 Construct 2022

Photos by: Deji Adejuyigbe, @deji_visuals


Freshforte by Studio Elementals nominated for the Aga Khan award 2022


The Freshforte Building designed by Studio Elementals was nominated for the 2022 Aga Khan Award for Architecture and invited to submit the documentation required to present the project for review by the Award Master Jury.


About the Aga Khan Awards:

The Aga Khan Award for Architecture is given every three years to projects that set new standards of excellence in architecture, planning practices, historic preservation and landscape architecture seeking to identify and encourage building concepts that successfully address the needs and aspirations of societies across the world.

The award and the Aga Khan network work to address the needs and aspirations of rapidly changing societies? investigating how architecture can respond to the diversity of human experience and the differences in local environments while still honouring inherited traditions and engaging with new technological possibilities.


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Feature in Austrian Magazine, ARCHITEKTUR. AKTUELL

Freshforte featured in livinspaces’ top ten buildings of 2020

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